for the 24th blog exclusive we have a whole entire extras edit from the mutanty edit. enjoy preferably after you've stolen and drank all your dad's canadians eh


the Mutant-E edit

MUTANTY from PTFS on Vimeo.
filmed in a two day period, one day each being spent on an individual side of the duel mountain.

featuring: brin alexander, bryan bowler, coulton conway, nick elliott, adam franks, jesse loucks, ben poechman, evan stum, martyn vachon, brodey wolfe, & a pat brobeck cameo (sorta).

made by: colter heard

the title is a simple combination of the words mutiny and mutants.

new ting in the works




NO TIME from PTFS on Vimeo.

no time  : a fine short feature film from the streets of ontario and also our local resort, dagmar. the title and footage reflects the none existent winter and the boys progressing into steady work life.


the exact range of emotions felt when filming a hane kinked rail




before the bender begins~


nick and martyn testing the Ben Boat off Big Ben

first bowler wedding <3 p="">

it was good getting to see brother adam & brother stu

brother geoffrey also made it to down for the wedding and some end of the season boarding

we spent a weekend stranded in seattle on darrah's account. it was a nice break from snowboarding. as well as, a fun adventure exploring a city none of us had explored b4.

nick on the day he bought his new baby

shovelling roofs with brodey

jesse boardin some crystal chair pillows with his sick Michael Jordan Ride board 

big O won the drawing contest and received a vans shoe that even he is too small for 




the blog has reached over 100,000 kills. cause for a celebratory dump post.
for the few people out there still clicking into this blog. thank you. i am sorry that when you click, you find that there has been no recent update. i am a one man blog these days, so forgive my lazyness. although, we(i) seem to be the only blog left standing in snowboarding (if that is not true, reply here ;p) being the only blog means there is no competition. so we are technically the best out. but, with lack of competition, comes lack of inspiration. 

snowboarding is dull. 

instagram has taken a lot of the art and creativity out of it. these are the aspects i find most important in snowboarding.  hopefully one day i can get my shit together and contribute better to this side of snowboarding i speak of. until then check out these fotos of my friends. 

mssg for stickers (^_0) local pick up only

Groundhog Day from Seb Judge on Vimeo.

it was spring for a few days in february 

Stu came to visit for 12 days. it wasn't long enough. here he is straight off the plane and sprawled out in the seymour parking lot. this day was all-time. 

kody demonstrating proper public pool styles

UNderground hideout from garfs

the BOWL boys showed this video before the VG video the other night at garfs.
all i can say is the VG video should have gone first for them.
good job guys, i will be watching this a bunch

street yoga or mental breakdown?

we've had a few good night sessions in the backyard this year.

brodey broke his wrist before even attempting this spot

one of my rolls got jammed in my old olympus om-1. i lost most of my photos and have been devastated ever since.

! maria's bday !

david likes golden showers on his butt

adam showing jake his decapping technique. never got a chance to hit this but i know two other crews took advantage. 

creepy doll in a ceiling vent at the brothel 

a view of duffy lake

duck tapping up a polejam

the boys are hoisting up a chick to the second level of the brothel in this photo. she didn't make it and fell into the snowbank below. she wasnt too stoked so Sam had to drill her with a snowball. he hit her in the head first try from a ways away. good times

stum getting ready for a pow day